Road Safety Week 2018


National Road Safety Week this year is 30 April - 6 May 2018

During Road Safety Week, the ADTAV will promote the shared responsibility between supervising drivers, learner drivers and professional driver trainers in developing safe drivers. We want to encourage supervising drivers to come along for professional driving lessons with their learners, to be the best supervising drivers they can be.

Developing Safe Drivers is a Shared Responsibility

All too often young drivers are involved in road crashes with significant consequences for the individual, their families and the community.
For many supervising drivers it’s been 20 years since gaining their driving licence. Many things have changed in that time:
• road rules
• in-car technology
• approaches to driver training
• education on the impact of alcohol, drugs, fatigue, and mobile devices

A benefit of supervising drivers’ involvement in professional lessons is the consistency of communication – the supervising driver will observe the professional driver trainer and will be able to provide ongoing guidance and mentoring to the learner driver in a manner consistent with professional instruction.
ADTAV encourages supervising drivers to accompany young drivers on their professional driving lessons. This will reinforce and improve the skills and knowledge of supervising drivers while developing the skills and knowledge of young drivers.
ADTAV driver trainers actively encourage supervising drivers to participate in their child’s driving lesson. Follow the link to find an ADTAV driver instructor in your local area or contact our office on 9886 6104 for assistance.

Take the Pledge

The ADTAV supports the SARAH Group (Supporting Australian Roads and Highways) in its promotion of the 2018 Road Safety Week. Make a pledge to Drive So Others Survive and wear a yellow ribbon to show your support. 

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