On 24th May 2018 ADTAV representatives, Stan Gates and Nick Koerbin, met with the Hon. Luke Donellan, Victorian Minister for Roads and Road Safety, to discuss the Road Smart Program and some of the initiatives being developed by the ADTAV to add value to the professional standing of ADTAV members. The Minister was very keen to receive feedback from ADTAV on the Road Smart Program and hear about the initiatives being planned by the ADTAV. 

Later in the afternoon ADTAV met with VicRoads Executive Director, Anita Curnow and her team, to discuss a range of issues relating to driver training in Victoria.  The meetings were very positive and it was agreed by all parties that meetings of this nature are very beneficial and similar meetings will be planned in the future.  

April 2018 There are a couple of changes to the Victorian Road Rules

U-Turns at intersections

New Drink Driving Rules

More reasons to get professional driving lessons. TAC recognises that kids learn more from parents' driving behaviour than people think they do. "Instilling safe driving behaviours and attitudes from a young age is key to achieving this goal". What if this hasn't happened? Learner drivers and supervising drivers having some driving lessons with a professional driver trainer can help develop safer drivers.